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007 Tomorrow Never Dies 007

  • Release date: November 19, 1999 (USA)

  • Brosnan
    MI6 Is Used To Carry Out The Assasination Of An Oil Tycoon, Who Happens To Be A Close And Personal Friend Of M. So Bond Is Sent To Protect The Oil Tycoon's Daughter, Electra King, But The Question Is, Can He Save Her From Her Would Be Assassin When He Couldn't Save Her Father? But Of Course. He's Bond, James Bond.

    The Cast

    Wai Lin

    Hong Kong Star, And Former "Miss Malaysia", Michelle Yeoh (Khan) Plays Wai Lin, An Agent Who Is Sent To Find Out Eliot Carver's Scheme. She Was Most Recently Known For Her Role In Supercop, Co-Staring With Jackie Chan. Her Real Name Is Yeoh Chu-Kheng. She Was Born On August 6, 1963 And Resides In Ipoh, Perak. Kahn Is Of Chinese Ethnicity, But Is A Malaysian Citizen.

    Paris Carver

    "Lois And Clark" Star Teri Hatcher Plays The Wife Of The New Bond Villian, Paris Carver. Teri Hatcher Has Appeared In A Slew Of Films, Including "Tango And Cash", "Heaven's Prisoners", And "2 Days In The Valley". She Was Even Once The "Most Downloaded Woman In The Internet".

    Elliot Carver

    Jonathan Pryce, Most Recently Seen In The 1996 Musical "Evita", Plays Media Mogul, Elliot Carver, Who Is Hell-Bent On Starting World War Three, And Villian To Bond In The Eighteenth Installment. Jonathan Pryce, An English Actor, Has Spent Most Of His Career In The Theater.


    Gotz Otto, Plays One Of Elliot Carver's Henchmen, Stamper. A German Assassin With A Pension For Pain. If You Don't Talk, He'll Make You Scream.


    Vincent Schiavelli, Plays Kaufman, A Marksman Who Knows Every Which Way To Make An Assassination Look Like A Suicide. Unfortunately For Him, He's Been Sent To Kill Bond. Poor Fella.

    The Official "Tomorrow Never Dies" Poster

    The Cast And Crew List






    Bond's New Gun:

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