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Lotus77's 007 Page

(Please Note That I Am In No Way Affiliated With The Makers Of James Bond Or Their Products)
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Update: January 31th, 2000. I Now Have A New Guestbook. I Would Like To Thank All Of You Who Signed My Original One, But Having Lost Control Of My Original Geocities Site A While Back, I Felt I Had No Choice But To Finally Dump It. I Also Have A New E-mail Address, So If You Have A James Bond Movie Blooper That I Have Not Yet Included On This Site, Or Any Question Pertaining Any Of The Information On This Site, Please E-mail Me At, And I'll Try To Add Your Bloopers, Or Answer Your Questions, As Fast As I Can.

Almost All Pictures In This Site Are From The "James Bond Interactive Dossier" From MGM Interactive.


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Mr.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (The Official Ian Fleming Site)
The James Bond 007 News Page
A Bunch Of James Bond Movie And Sound Files
Universal Exports

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